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James Jeffers, Northern California. Experience in software development and start-ups businesses LinkedIn. His work has included publishing the first techninal paper for a company that received over $100 million in venture capital funding. Scientifically some of his research was cited in Nature for being one of the first techniques for measuring a metabolite being linked to alcholism.

Myk Mahaffey, Central Oklahoma. Myk has extensive experience in both print and online marketing. He is also an artist and writer.

Brian Mahaffey, Central Oklahoma. Brian is a licensed real estate broker and small business consultant. Responsible for one of the most popular storage facilities in Shawnee, OK.

Dan Gentry, Northern California. Dan is an expert in technical documentation and manufacturing. Also a master in wood work and design.

Alice Burkart-Roberts, Northern California. Alice is an expert in educational materials for a variety of different grade levels and language proficency. She and her husband have represented many different publishers over the years. Check in with alice to see if they have any new products you may be interested in.