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Kent State DMD Lithography

American Society for Engineering Education

Funding: NSF Grant IIP-1059286

For 16 months a JeT consultant maintained a Post-Doctoral research position in the lab of Hiroshi Yokoyama, director of the formerly named Liquid Crystal Institute, at Kent State University from 10/2013 to 1/2015. One year of this work was funded by the American Society for Engineering Education through an NSF Post-Doctoral fellowship.

The digital mirror device (DMD) is a micro electro-mechanical system used as a spatial light modulator in consumer imaging devices including televisions and projectors. DMDs are particularly suited for use in maskless lithography when compared to other techniques, as DMDs reduce costs, improve prototyping speed, work with visible and UV exposure sources and photosensitive substrates, all while allowing for feature sizes less than 10µm. Applications include grey-scale protein synthesis [2], DNA array microchips [3], photoresist molds for microfluidics [4], micro-optical elements [5], and patterning of photoalignment surfaces for liquid crystal devices [6].

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